BikerOrNot App Review

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Editor's Review

Being a social animal you always have the need to share your life with others. Living your passion and live it with your friends is all about life. Bikerornot app is an app to find the people with whom you can share same interest and passion for bike. This is community of biker or people who loves to ride.

You can join it and find mail order bride with right amount of compatibility. You can start dating or chatting according to your need. This is a social platform for all the bikers and riders to share news, interests, likings etc.

Features of the app

Bikerornot app is one of the most popular biker apps around the world. You can find all type of likeminded people here. It is a free mobile app with simplest features. You can join the community just by singing in or by linking this app with your Facebook account. It is an excellent platform to meet bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts. It has all the features like

  • Wall posting
  • News sharing
  • Adding friends
  • Messaging to others
  • Chatting with other persons
  • Updates about upcoming events


You can find all the type of people here. It does not matter whether you ride a BMW or a Harley Davidson or a Ducati or a Triumph, the people will always like you for you and not for the bike you ride.

  • This app helps the riders to stay connected and safe from any unnecessary harm. It has a built-in technology for crash detection.
  • Uuse it anywhere you want in your mobile. It has no complicated features and very easy to operate.
  • Add people just like the other social sites.
  • Message users or have a chat with them. It can very helpful to your dating life also.
  • Set your own boundaries according to your own limits.
  • You can have some fun or just a causal relationship with people you meet here.


It is not some total new technology with all the new features. It is just an updated and modified version of a social networking site for the bike lovers. It is just a community of different kind of people across the world. There is not much is given about the person’s authenticity.

Bikerornot app will help you to meet new biker friends with same zeal and love about motorcycles and after that you are on your own. So always keep your eyes and ears open before you trust anyone or get attached to them.


Life is all about adventure and meeting new people. This app will help you completely with that. It is a very cool app for bikers’ people. The overall review of this app is pretty impressive. Plenty of bikers are using it to find their common interest. Features are simple to understand and easy to interpreter. Most of the users have given a positive view about this community app. So do not wait, get started on this app and meet hot biker babes and biker guys to hang out.